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Our 1500 square foot facility, first built in 1957. Is located a quarter mile from the center of the township of Garettsville Ohio. Filled with many great attraction for the young and old alike, SkyLane has been one of the top Family Entertainment Complexes for over fifty years.



What are your bowling hours?

 For the most part every day of the week the are open. We open the doors at 6am for breakfast in the café. We start bowling at 9am in the morning an go all the way till 11pm at night most days..  On Fridays and some Saturdays we party until 1am. Sundays we close early at 9pm.

Can we eat/drink at the bowling center?

 YES in fact as early as 6am, if you are an early bird on the go.... We serve the best breakfast in town for the best price. What makes us better that the rest is that we make good food great! Taster than you would make it at home because it's bowling food!

Can I arrive at the bowling center in my Horse and Buggy?

 Well... I'd have to say YES! of coarse... Come one, come all... bring as many people as you can fit into your car or horse and buggy... heck bring two loads. If you are bringing your horse and buggy... you can tie them up not far, over behind the dollar store.

Can you go bare foot??

 Only under certain conditions! We have issues if you are not wearing proper bowling shoes down in the PIT or on the lane floor. If you are barefoot you stand the chance of serious injure to your back, head, feet and/or your tows, We don't think that is good for anyone!  - However... we are not entirely against it! If you have a group of people that are bare foot enthusiast? Why not form a party! That way we can properly prepare for barefoot bowlers! And we all will feel even better an safer.

What is your policy on outside food?

NO! as with any place of business you can expect to be frowned upon if you bring in outside food.... Best you enjoy that outside as-well...

What is your locker fee?

Most lockers are open an free to use... There is a small fee to secure belongings for a particular amount of time. All lockers are subject to search by authorities in suspect of fowl play.

Are Gift card available, and what are the limits, do they expire?

 We do have gift cards in any amount that expire in a year of purchase.

What is the best time to join a League?

Most of our Leagues form in late August an early September. But we can start you at any time.

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Here is a map so you find your way to us

Address: 8311 Windham Street, Garrettsville, OH 44231/USA

Phone: 330-527-9999

Email: Mail@SkyLaneBowling.com